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I'm here... what do I do now?

Welcome! To get started, click on the Do Now link under the Home section. This will tell you what to do to get started today. Have fun.

You're Part of the News Team.

Welcome to The Besteiro Middle School News Co., an elite group of students chosen to provide the news needs on campus. As news writers, you carry on a rich legacy of writers who have gone on before you. 

What is the Besteiro Middle School News Co?
Simply put, it's the organization on campus that provides all the written news needs of students. This includes:
  • The campus newspaper
  • The yearbook
  • Kaleidoscope

What Will I Be Doing in This Class?
Officially, you are enrolled in either a Reading or Writing Enrichment course. That means you will be doing a lot of reading and writing in this course. Before you have a heart attack and roll around the floor screaming, wait a minute. It won't be that bad. This course will feature very different forms of reading and writing than you're probably use to, but it will incorporate elements of all the styles of reading and writing you have studied.

What Is A Typical Class Day Like?
When you first come to class, you will login to your computer. You will visit the class website ( and start on the Do Now, posted at the top of